Daphne Manoussaki
Assistant Professor

Mathematics Department
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240

Office: Stevenson Center 1418
Phone : (615) 343-6139

Research Interests: Biomathematics, PDEs, numerical techniques.

"Mathematics is biology's next microscope, only better; Biology is mathematics' next physics, only better"

J. Cohen                

Projects / interests:
  • Cochlear mechanics - the effect of the cochlear (spiral) geometry on hearing.
  • Cell forces and their role in development.
  • Mathematical modeling of the cell cytoskeleton.
  • Blood vessel formation.
  • Tumor cell biology.
  • Aneurysm and blood vessel mechanics.
  • Mechanical characterization of gels.
  • Image segmentation.
  • Numerical methods for partial differential equations.
  • Perturbation techniques for studying linear and nonlinear problems.
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