The Center for Constructive Approximation comprises faculty, students, and visiting researchers working in Approximation Theory and related areas in Analysis, Spline and Wavelet Theory, and Numerical Analysis. The list of people includes: Akram Aldroubi, Doug Hardin, Mike Neamtu, Alex Powell, Ed Saff, Larry Schumaker, and also other faculty with interest in this general area. The Center also houses the editorial headquarters of Constructive Approximation, an international journal for approximations and expansions.

Center Enters Cooperative Agreement
With Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Center for Constructive Approximation recently entered into a cooperative agreement with the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to promote future research collaboration between the two.

Prof. Ed Saff, director of the Center for Constructive Approximation, and Julian Revalski, director of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, signed the agreement on February 27, 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The meeting included discussions of future collaborative research efforts and the mentoring of young mathematicians. A workshop has already been planned for October, 2014 in Sofia.

Constructive Approximation Journal
Publishes Special Issue on Painlevé Equations

Constructive Approximation is publishing a Special Issue on Painlevé Equations this year in two parts. Part I was released in January (Vol. 39, No. 1), and Part II will be published later this year.

The Special Issue covers Painlevé equations and their connections with orthogonal polynomials and special functions as well as related numerical methods. The editors of the Special Issue are Percy Deift (Courant Institute, New York) and Alexander Its (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis).

The papers included in Part I are:

“Introduction”, by Percy Deift and Alexander Its

“Global Asymptotics of the Second Painlevé Equation in Okamoto's Space,” by P. Howes and N. Joshi

“Painlevé I, Coverings of the Sphere and Belyi Functions,” by D. Masoero

“Relations Between Linear Equations and the Painlevé's Equations,” by S. Yu. Slavyanov

“Distributions of Poles to Painlevé Transcendents via Padé Approximations,” by V. Yu. Novokshenov

“Numerical Solution of Riemann-Hilbert Problems: Random Matrix Theory and Orthogonal Polynomials,” by Sheehan Olver and Thomas Trogdon

“Automatic Deformation of Riemann-Hilbert Problems with Applications to the Painlevé II Transcendents,” by Georg Wechslberger and Folkmar Bornemann

“Painlevé Kernels in Hermitian Matrix Models,” by Maurice Duits

“The Tacnode Riemann-Hilbert Problem,” by Arno Kuijlaars

“The Relationship Between Semi-Classical Laguerre Polynomials and the Fourth Painlevé Equation,” by Peter A. Clarkson

“Painlevé Functions and Conformal Blocks,” by N. Iorgov, O. Lisovyy, A. Shchechkin, and Yu. Tykhyy

Ed Saff Elected to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Ed Saff, director of the Center for Constructive Approximation, has been elected a Foreign Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

According to Stefan Vodenicharov, president of the academy, Saff was selected in recognition of “our high esteem for his merits and activities as a world-renowned scientist in the field of mathematics and constructive approximation in particular.” President Vodenicharov also expressed gratitude on behalf of the Bulgarian community for Saff’s contributions to the enhancement of cooperation between scientists of Bulgaria and the United States. Read more.