Constructive Approximation
Recently Accepted Papers

“From Schoenberg Coefficients to Schoenberg Functions”
by Christian Berg and Emilio Porcu
Accepted: November 23, 2015

“An Orthogonality Property of the Legendre Polynomials”
by L. Bos, A. Narayan, N. Levenberg, and F. Piazzon
Accepted: November 23, 2015

“Approximation by Holder Functions in Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin Spacess”
by Toni Heikkinen and Heli Tuominen
Accepted: November 20, 2015

“On Higher-Order Szego Theorems with a Single Critical Point of Arbitrary Order”
by Milivoje Lukic
Accepted: November 10, 2015

“L^p-Norms and Mahler's Measure of Polynomials on the n-Dimensional Torus”
by Andreas Defant and Mieczyslaw Mastylo
Accepted: October 27, 2015