Constructive Approximation
Recently Accepted Papers

“On One Class of Hermite Projectors”
by Boris Shekhtman
Accepted: August 25, 2015

“Derandomizing Restricted Isometries via the Legendre Symbol”
by Alfonso S. Bandeira, Matthew Fickus, Dustin G. Mixon, and Joel Moreira
Accepted: August 25, 2015

“Spectral Properties of Unbounded Jacobi Matrices with Almost Monotonic Weights”
by Grzegorz Swiderski
Accepted: July 30, 2015

“Erratum to: On 2D newest vertex bisection: Optimality of mesh-closure and H^1-stability of L_2-projection, Constr. Approx. 38(2) (2013), pp. 213--234.”
by Michael Karkulik, David Pavlicek, and Dirk Praetorius
Accepted: July 14, 2015

“Location of Poles for the Hastings-McLeod Solution to the Second Painleve Equation”
by Min Huang, Shuai-Xia Xu, and Lun Zhang
Accepted: July 7, 2015

“Spectrality of Self-Similar Tiles”
by Xiaoye Fu, Xinggang He and Ka-Sing Lau
Accepted: May 27, 2015