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[image] Vanderbilt University is built on a non-rectangular piece of land, and so its sidewalks don't follow straight lines very far. You'll need some maps to find your way around.

The map on this page shows the north end of campus, which is bordered by 21st Avenue and West End Avenue. Part of 21st Avenue is one-way; it goes around a corner and merges with Broadway and becomes a two-way street (still called 21st Avenue). There are many restaurants along the two-way part of 21st Avenue, and more near the Hampton Inn and the Holiday Inn.

Most of our math conferences are held in either the Math Building, Wilson Hall, or the Loews Plaza Hotel. Some of our dinners are held at the University Club.

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Our campus is downtown, so free parking is nonexistent, and metered parking on or near campus is scarce. Here is parking information and a parking map. If you have a car (either your own or a rented one) and your hotel is not within walking distance of the conference, some recommended places to park are the Wesley Place Garage on Scarritt Place (near the intersection of that street with 21st Avenue South -- a block north of Edgehill Ave.) or the Terrace Place Garage by the north end of campus. Both are marked on the map at the top of this page, or click on the links in the preceding sentence for more details.

Room numbers in Stevenson Center

The Stevenson Center (SC) is a cluster of several buildings with one room numbering system. Each room number is 4 digits long: For instance, SC-1307 is on the ground floor of the Math Building; to get there you'd press "3" on the elevator.


Two nearby pharmacies are the CVS (located in the same building as the Wesley Hall Parking Garage -- 321-2590) and Eckerd Drugs (2416 West End Avenue, phone 321-4505). Most sundries can be purchased in those stores, or in the campus bookstore. The only grocery store within walking distance of campus is Compton's Foodland (2900 W End Ave, 321-5868, 327-4187).

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